Hi, my name is.

In short, I hail from across the globe, born in Kamchatka, Russia, now based in Paris, France.

I got hooked on making websites and tinkering with computers when I was little, and after a BA in foreign languages and half of a Master's in Political Science, here I am, doing exactly that.

Front-end development is my vibe, UI and UX are the two poles I gravitate towards the most. I've done back-end using Ruby on Rails or Express, and still do from time to time, mostly for side-projects where I can have some fun.

No particular preference for a technology. Front-end flavor du jour is React, so the products I work on use it and this website runs on Next. That said, I've seen my share of vanilla JS and jQuery projects before Webpack was even a thing, and we used to pour Gulp recipes or minimize code with CodeKit.